One of the reasons why some people are still single..

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One of the reasons why some people are still single for the rest of their lives is because they never let go of their past. They hold on to it, they compare every new person they meet to the ones that hurt them and they carry the whole baggage into the new relationship which lead to issues and insecurities and in the long run a break up.
If you are single and still looking for true love, first of all let go of your past no matter how bad it was. Forgive that person or people that hurt you and also forgive yourself for being lied to and used. Secondly, develop the art of loving yourself as you are preparing for the new person that God has for you in stock.
Then when you get that person embrace them, learn to love them the way they are, and don’t forget to apply the lessons learnt from the past failed relationships and mistakes. If you keep carrying your past to the present you will never have a happy relationship and a settled life. The past is there to groom you and to teach you to become a better person not to affect or determine your future.

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