‘My lover drugged, raped me for years’ – Woman says fiance was shy about his small privates

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A 40-year-old Pretoria woman has laid a charge of rape against her 47-year-old fiance, alleging that the man drugged and raped her for years.

The woman said her ordeal started soon after she discovered that her lover had an “abnormally small penis” and asked him to go for penis enlargement.

She said the man, who is a medical doctor, agreed to go for enlargement but never did and instead allegedly drugged her for sexual pleasure because he was “embarrassed”.

I feel violated and torn apart,” said the woman, who added that she was threatened into silence.

She opened a case of rape last month at the Sunnyside police station in Pretoria.

“I stayed with my fiance for over four years trying to accept him the way he was.

“He had an abnormally small private part but I still loved him and I was supportive because he was going for medical procedures for enlargement,” said the woman.

She said they also went through marriage counselling, where he promised to get help.

“He started skipping his appointments and said he will get help elsewhere until I told him I was no longer comfortable sleeping with him.

“He [then] gave me medication that he suggested would help me with insomnia. I woke up one day and realised he penetrated me… I also noticed there was semen on my thighs.”

The woman said when she stopped taking the medication the man got upset. She said when she confronted him, he apologised and said he was embarrassed and that’s why he drugged her.

However, the man denied ever drugging and raping the woman.

“In my understanding, my partner was suffering from depression and the only medication I recall her taking was pain killers and sleeping tablets,” he said.

The man said he discovered that the woman had severe depression from childhood.

“The signs were there… so I assisted where I could by using my medical knowledge.”

The doctor said he stopped being sexually intimate with the woman in 2010 because he wanted her to heal emotionally.

He denied that he had an abnormally small private part.

“I was involved in other relationships before and no one ever told me that I have small private part,” the man said yesterday.

Police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said the SAPS Famly Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit was investigating a case of rape but that no arrest has been made.

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