Harare man found with human head

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A Harare man has been arrested after he was found with a human head in a stolen Fun Cargo vehicle in Belvedere this morning.

Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest, saying the discovery of the head coincides with another discovery of a disfigured body of a man found in a disused toilet at corner Lytton and Parsley Roads in Workington yesterday.

He said while police were still investigating the case of the disfigured body, which had no head, they today received a report of a stolen Fun Cargo vehicle.

According to Assistant Commissioner Nyathi, the owner of the Fun Cargo vehicle, who resides in Warren Park, was hired by the suspect to carry a door and the later disappeared with the car.

The suspect was later stopped by police at a road block in Belvedere, where upon he tried to escape, resulting in a police chase.

During the chase the getaway suspect was involved in an accident, hitting two cars, before he was apprehended.

A head of a person was then found in the car.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said they are yet to establish if the head found in the Fun Cargo vehicle was dismembered from the body discovered in Workington.

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