Chamisa calls protestors “STUPID”

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Main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has come under fire for appearing to insult his supporters who went onto the streets on the 01 August 2018, when the army gunned down six protestors.

Speaking during an emotional press conference at the party headquarters, the MDC Alliance president called the decision to protest before the results had been announced “STUPID”.

“This is actually, you are talking about an election that has not been declared, and why would I even react, because I don’t even know the election that is going to be announced.

“It was very STUPID even for people who demonstrated, to demonstrate for the results to be released, it was STUPID, because they then opened themselves for attacks and for manipulation.

“I think whoever demonstrated, they have their rights but I feel that it was not called for and thats my view. I am not insulting them, but I have a right, just like any other, because it was premature.”

Writing on Twitter political commentator Glen Mpani said;

“Dear @nelsonchamisa how do you empathize with victims of police/soldier brutality when you don’t believe their right to free expression is justified ? In a democracy participation in any form of protest doesn’t need to make sense or be justified to be allowed. #August1Inquiry”

“… citizens who protested on 1st August are not silly or stupid. They need not be multitudes for a protest to be legitimate where one or 2 people gather to protest their right to free expression should be protected. Every voice counts in a democracy #August1Inquiry

Journalist Elias Mambo: “Simple lesson…never put your life at stake for politicians… they desert you when push comes to shove.”

Hillary Musarurwa: “Whoever is advising @nelsonchamisa is doing a bad job. You don’t say such “stupid” words when lives were lost.”

@263Blinky: “@nelsonchamisa You are not above apologizing. We were behind the protestors 100%. By insulting them and the fight they put up you insult us. It wasn’t stupid to stand up for one’s beliefs, it never is esp when defending something as important as your vote. Apologize chief.”

Kizito Gonamombe: “After the 45 degree bomb you would expect @MDCAllianceZW to ride on that until 2023 but alas @nelsonchamisa ozvidira jecha or his just been ‘Stupid’ “

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