Are you suffering from period cramps? Marijuana tampons are here to take your pain away!

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An end to a torturous era of discomfort for women.

2017 should officially be known as the year of marijuana. With increasing awareness about cannabis and it’s healing properties spreading far and wide across the world, marijuana is now being given its due recognition as an effective medicinal product by both masses and medical experts alike.

Numerous research studies have found out that cannabis can help in curing a variety of medical conditions like glaucoma, insomnia epilepsy and even depression.

Cannabis-based tampons to help cure your menstrual pain

Using this insight, Foria, a wellness company that carries out research on cannabis’ health benefits, has created a range of avant-garde products formulated by using cannabis to provide relief against all forms of pain that are triggered by problems such as inflammatory diseases, physical injuries, surgery, and even chemotherapy.

Keeping the innovation moving in an upward direction, they’ve now gone ahead and created cannabis-fused tampons that will help in getting rid of the dreaded menstrual cramps. Thanks to this product, marijuana’s pain-killing properties can now bring a happy ending to period cramps.

The product – called Foria Relief – isn’t like your typical tampon. Foria is selling packs of four cannabis-based suppositories that are shaped like tampons. For the uninitiated, a suppository is a solid dosage form that is inserted into the rectum, vagina or urethra, where it dissolves or melts and exerts local pain-relieving effects.

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If you’re wondering whether this product will help in absorption as well, it still remains unknown. However, based on a user’s experience, the product needs to be inserted with a tampon applicator and it will do its work. Foria recommends using the suppositories along with tampons to increase the product’s comfort-providing effects.

“The vaginal suppository format helps deliver the medicine directly to where it is needed most,” the company page explains.

These suppositories are made out of just three natural ingredients — THC oil, CBD isolate and organic cocoa butter. According to Foria, the combination of both THC oil and CBD isolate is meant to ‘activate certain cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when introduced into the body.’

The cannabinoids found in the suppositories help in the relaxation of nerves in the cervix, ovaries, and uterus to eliminate the harrowing pain that comes with periods.

It also aids in relaxing the surrounding muscle tissues in order to provide additional comfort during menstruation. Once the surrounding muscle tissues are unclenched, there is a significant decrease in overall pain, as reaffirmed by many reviewers.

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But these tampon-like products aren’t the only ones created by Foria to alleviate menstrual pain. Foria has also launched lubes that can be used externally in order to provide period pain relief. Aside from that, there are also capsules that can be inserted into the vagina to relieve period cramps and a whole set of wellness products which entails ointments, bath soaks, tinctures, and edibles created by Whoopi Goldberg for giving a vagina the extra love it needs during periods.

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Usage guidelines

Foria Relief is meant to mitigate the pain that is closest to the area where it is inserted. This means it can be inserted vaginally to relieve pain in the womb area often caused before and during periods. Some users have also claimed that the product helps in easing any pain in the rectum region that also includes pain in the back and hip areas—another common area affected by menstrual cramps.

Although a little pain was felt during insertion, the pain was soon replaced with relief within 15-20 minutes post insertion. If you choose to use it with a typical tampon, the suppositories should be inserted before the tampon is inserted.

Once inserted, the user will experience a little leakage as the cocoa butter will eventually melt after usage, but that’s completely normal and comes with the product usage.

When not being used, Foria Relief should be stored in a cool, dry area, away from sunlight such as the refrigerator.

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